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Jimmy Engström


Ever since Jimmy got his first ZX Spectrum at the age of 7 he hasn't stopped programming. During the day he is an ASP.NET developer and much like Bruce Wayne/Batman he does all the fun stuff (sometimes in his cave) during his spare time.
Only difference is that he doesn't catch bad guys, just bugs.
He is really passionate about, Windows 8 & Windows Phone development and Kinect and IoT, or well you could say the .NET platform really.

Together with his wife (who also is an MVP) he started a code intensive user group that focuses on helping participants with code and design problems. They also arrange for at least 2-5 hackathons per year.
First time he stood on a stage was at Techdays Sweden when he accepted the "geek of the year" award, a title well deserved. He is certainly living up to the title with everything from developing and gadgets to superheroes and cosplaying at the sci-fi faire.
He continued to stand on the stage at various types of events including Hackathons, Swenug and Microsoft Sommarkollo which led to him becoming a member MEET (Microsoft Extended Experts Team) and that all led up to being rewarded Microsoft MVP in Windows Platform Development.

Jessica Engström

Designer / Developer

Jessica Engström is a true geek, she got married with a Star Trek wedding and she never misses a superhero movie or a chance to point out that Marvel is the better comic company.
She is an achievement junkie and a game is not finished until she got them all, but as a Microsoft fan girl it is of course only Xbox achievements that counts.
When Windows phone came out she was the first girl in line in Scandinavia, which began a trip down the rabbit whole where she discovered the wonderful world of Windows phone, UX and Blend.
Ever since Windows Phone and Windows 8 got released she has been working in the community, delivering presentations and running her user group Coding After Work (together with her husband Jimmy) which lead to that she became a member of MEET (Microsoft Extended Expert Team) and, soon after, a Windows Platform Development MVP.
She blogs at www.catoholic.se which kinda shows her love for cats... and pink.. mostly pink.

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